New Album<br>『SOFFet Collaborations Best "With"』



New Album
『SOFFet Collaborations Best "With"』

2011.3.9 on sale
RZCD-46826 \2,940 (tax in)

Full Of Harmony / GAGLE / GAKU-MC / KURO from HOME MADE 家族 / MAY'S /
mihimaru GT / MONGOL800 / PE'Z / Sowelu / SPEECH & PG Thirteen /
Spinna B-ILL / スキマスイッチ / Sunaga t experience /
Tokyo Junkastic Band

  1. Beautiful Smile with Tokyo Junkastic Band
  2. イタダキ7 with PE'Z
  3. NEW STANDARD with Sunaga t experience
  4. JunkArtistic with Tokyo Junkastic Band
  5. あなたのおかげです with GAKU-MC
  6. The moment I saw you with Sowelu
  7. 音遊技~参段~ feat. スキマスイッチ
  8. SKY JUICE feat. GAGLE
  9. Into you with Spinna B-ILL
  10. Minus to Plus with KURO from HOME MADE 家族
  11. everlasting one -SPEECH Remix- feat. SPEECH & PG Thirteen
  12. 手紙 ~a letter to my decade~ with Full Of Harmony
  13. More than I love you ~365のキセキ~ with MAY'S
  14. スキナツ with mihimaru GT
  15. ひとりじゃない with MONGOL800